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Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday Sept. 28, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was asked about the ability of the IRS to safeguard private taxpayer information. President Biden wants the IRS to have automatic access to personal bank account information even though the agency is unable or unwilling to safeguard the information it already has.

Yellen said:

“The ProPublica information represented an illegal revelation of taxpayer information. It’s an illegal act. And it is being investigated thoroughly by independent entities, law enforcement, and the inspector generals of Treasury and the IRS. And there really can’t be tolerance for that.”

Despite “thousands” of people having their personal tax files stolen and given to the progressive group — covering many years of tax filings — Yellen claims she doesn’t know if the source was the IRS itself:

“Just to be clear: We do not know the ProPublica information came from the IRS. That hasn’t been established.”

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