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Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoed the first piece of legislation that was sent to his desk by the Republican-controlled legislature. With his veto, Evers, who defeated two term Republican Governor Scott Walker in November, passed on an opportunity to provide Wisconsin taxpayers with much needed relief.

Republicans were poised to use surplus funds in the state budget to implement a middle-class tax cut, but Governor Evers got in their way, demanding that any tax relief be coupled with tax hikes. Republican legislators’ plan would have given the taxpayers of Wisconsin $490 million in relief this year, followed by $338 million in subsequent annual relief, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Evers expressed his displeasure with way the Republicans in the legislature handled the process of passing this tax cut.

“I am troubled and disappointed that this major fiscal policy was introduced and passed without bipartisan support and cooperation,” Evers said. “The people of the State of Wisconsin expect and deserve for their leaders to work together, and I plan to do my part to ensure that happens.”

Providing tax relief to the residents of Wisconsin is crucial as the state has the 10th highest income tax rate in the entire nation at 7.65%. In addition, Wisconsin residents also pay the 4th highest average property taxes in the country as a percentage of owner-occupied housing values.

The projected surplus in the state budget that Republicans were hoping to use to pay for the tax cuts had almost $700 million. With his first veto, Governor Evers has drawn a line in the sand, making clear that he wants tax hikes sent to his desk