The “Protecting the Right to Organize” (PRO) Act would dramatically increase Big Labor’s power at the expense of hard-working Americans. They are so desperate for this legislation to pass they are threatening to pull all campaign cash from Democratic lawmakers that do not vote for the bill. Instead of protecting hard-working Americans, President Biden is choosing Big Labor and aggressively pushing for the PRO Act’s implementation. 

To further discuss President Biden’s war on worker freedom, ATR President Grover Norquist invited Open Competition Center’s Tom Hebert on his podcast, Leave Us Alone. Hebert serves as the Executive Director of Open Competition Center and advocates for a consumer-based approach to antitrust enforcement. 

On the “Protecting the Right to Organize” (PRO) Act, Hebert explains:  

“It’s basically Big Labor pumps millions and millions, hundreds of millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns each and every year. They’re facing a problem; their union membership is plummeting so … they’re looking at their dwindling contributors and they’re thinking to themselves well, how can we force more workers into unions by hook or by crook. The politicians they put in office; they created the PRO Act. The PRO Act is a grab bag of every single liberal priority when it comes to labor.”  

Norquist emphasis how ridiculous the PRO Act truly is:  

“[The PRO Act] is the wish list for every crazy idea that could never pass in Congress or even get done by executive order. Remember if you could have done this by executive order Obama would have. So this is the crazy of the crazy of the probably unconstitutional ideas that they put into one package.”  

On Right to Work, which would be nullified nationwide under the PRO Act, Herbert notes:  

“A Right to Work law states that an employer cannot force you to join the union as a condition of employment. You’re free to join the union if you want to or not, you just don’t have to decide to pay a union boss or put food on the table. We have right to work laws that protect about 166 million Americans in 27 states.”  

Listen to the full episode below: 

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