Just when you think you’ve heard it all, more tales of political skullduggery emerge from the state of Arizona. Governor  Janice Kay Drinkwine Brewer, AKA Jan Brewer, is reportedly preparing to use a campaign of radio ads, automated phone calls and other campaign tools to create a concentrated and sustained effort to encourage legislative support for a balanced budget approach" (ie raise taxes). The cost of this campaign to smear taxpayer advocates? A staggering $225,000.

The memo was prepared by High Ground Inc., a firm whose members include several consultants with longstanding political ties to Brewer., and is headed by Governor Brewer’s political advisor. The memo was commissioned by Building a Better Arizona 2012, an astroturf group created by special interest groups to push for higher spending. Governor Brewer has previously signed a pledge to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.

The simple fact is, Arizona does not need to raise taxes. Two weeks ago the Arizona Senate Appropriates Committee proved just that – they passed a balanced budget with no tax hikes.  In fact, Sen. Pearce stated earlier today that he expects the budget to be completed this week – without a tax hike. Yet the Governor’s office remains determined to force tax hikes down the throats of unwilling taxpayers – in the middle of a recession no less!
Cloistered up in the exclusive Executive Tower at the state capitol, Gov. Brewer might not be in touch with Arizona residents, but the polls are clear – taxpayers overwhelmingly oppose these tax hikes.  In fact, if even voters in ever-blue California recently rejected tax-hikes by a 2-1 margin when put to the ballot, to think such a proposition would succeed in Arizona is pure madness.
It is evident that an allegedly conservative Governor’s office has been hijacked by the spending interests.  If Arizona were to go to a 6.6 percent state sales tax, this would give it the seventh highest rate in the nation. What’s more, the combined state and local tax rates in 30 Arizona cities would surpass 10 percent – the same rates as residents of San Francisco and New York are forced to endure.
Arizona taxpayers must stand up to the tax-and-spend lobbyists who want to hike taxes just to pad their own wallets. Call your legislator and tell them to oppose all tax hikes!