White House Pressures U.S. Chamber to Reverse Position on Energy Bill
Obama using Chicago-style tactics to pressure business organization

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) President Grover Norquist condemned the Obama White House’s use of back-room, Chicago-style politics to pressure the U.S. Chamber of Commerce into reversing their opposition to cap-and-trade.

Despite a recent hoax that occurred on Monday, October 19, 2009, where a fake U.S. Chamber press release was leaked showing their alleged support for climate change legislation in the Senate, ATR remains concerned that Obama’s political bullying could pay off.

“It is important that any organization representing businesses and workers continue to vehemently oppose all job killing national energy taxes – be it cap-and-trade or a carbon tax, we are talking about millions of jobs lost and every family facing higher fees,” said ATR President Grover Norquist.

The cap-and-trade proposal in the climate bill introduced by Senators Kerry (D-Mass.) and Boxer (D-Calf.) will reduce cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) by $9.4 trillion; eliminate 1.9 million American jobs in 2012 and could kill 2.5 million by 2035; increase gasoline prices by 58 percent ($1.38 more per gallon); and increase electric rates for the average household by 90 percent.

“When school children are beat-up by a bully they surrender their lunch money; but if enough of them got together, they could defeat the bully. Obama is borrowing tactics from the unions, the trial lawyers and the environmental left to get his way. Businesses need to realize that this does not have to pass,” added Norquist.

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