As the NC-09 special election primary approaches, voters deserve to know where all 13 candidates stand on vital pocketbook issues such as taxes and jobs. Candidates often campaign in opposition to higher taxes, but disregard campaign promises once they take office.

Fortunately for North Carolina voters, the following candidates have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:   

These candidates join Sen. Thom Tillis, Sen. Richard Burr, and all Republican members of the North Carolina congressional delegation in making this commitment to Tar Heel State taxpayers.  

Sadly, several candidates for the Republican nomination have not made this solemn promise yet. Americans for Tax Reform strongly encourages Leigh Brown, Kathie Day, Gary Dunn, Albert Wiley Jr., and Chris Anglin to show their support for taxpayers and put their commitment in writing.  

Democrat presidential candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already campaigned on repealing the Trump tax cuts, which would be a significant tax hike on middle-class Americans.  The Taxpayer Protection Pledge ensures that candidates stay true to their word by putting their anti-tax rhetoric in writing.