The ‘Leave Us Alone’ coalition relies on a number of diverse groups with distinct vote-moving issues. With the goal of pro-liberty policies, every American vying for control of their personal and professional growth may be considered part of this strengthening coalition to fight for freedom from government intervention.

The keys parts of this growing coalition include:

Taxpayers: those who find themselves in this group dictate votes on keeping their taxes low. These voters believe the money they earn is theirs and will vote against any initiative to take further from their paycheck. They maintain that the government’s ability to control their lives comes from the ability to tax.

Businessman and -Women: this group is made up of small business owners, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs who do not want their establishments overtaxed and over regulated. They will vote against intrusion that hampers their productivity and advancements. 

Second Amendment Supporter: these voters have a strong support for all initiatives to protect the constitutional right of gun ownership.

Property Rights Activists and Homeowners: individuals in this groups have the sole vote-moving issue of protecting their property from expropriation for political reasons. They wish to be rightfully left alone on their own land.

Homeschoolers: this group is generally made up of parents who wish to educate their children without monitoring interference from the government. They simply want to transfer family values in the safety of their home and wish to reject the state’s mandated coursework. 

Communities of Faith: those who believe in the free practice of faith and relaying this message to their children are found in this group. The specific religious difference within this group are not important to its members as they are unified in the right to practice and teach freely.

Ownership Society: this is the investor class who own stock, maintain retirement funds, savings accounts, and mutual funds that wish to be left alone from crippling taxation and inflation. They also wish for the strength and prosperity of the companies they own stock in- which means less government involvement in those groups.

Public Servants: most specifically, this group consists of the police and military who wish to properly limit government and their role in protecting the life, liberty, and property of its citizens. As their career has been dedicated to protecting Americans, they vote to keep these citizens safe from overreaching government as well.

While each group has differences, their votes are driven by the desire to be left alone- from the government, from over taxation and regulation, from diminishing rights, and from political agendas. The power of this coalition has come from its committed members to vote true to their cause and its existence continues only with this strength in unity.