Writing in FoxNews.com, ATR president Grover Norquist highlighted the numerous conservative changes present in the Senate’s Healthcare bill.

Norquist noted the establishment media’s failure to mention the tax cuts to middle-class Americans that would come from passage of the Senate’s healthcare reform bill. Norquist also stated that the bill will stimulate competition and enact drastic entitlement reform:

First, the bill repeals a total of $700 billion dollars in ObamaCare taxes that raise the cost of care, restrict choice, and hurt economic growth.

Second, the BCRA strengthens tax-preferred Health Savings Accounts, so that families are better able to save for health care expenses.

Third, the bill allows states to implement health care systems that work for families in the real world. No longer will we have a one size fits all system dreamed up by bureaucrats in Washington and policed by the IRS.

Fourth, the BCRA enacts long overdue entitlement reform that reins in out of control spending while ensuring the truly needy are protected.

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