Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) commends West Virginia Senate candidates Gov. Jim Justice and Rep. Mooney for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As signers of The Pledge, Justice and Mooney make a bold written commitment to the taxpayers of West Virginia to oppose and vote against any income tax increases. 

Candidates running for public office often make shallow promises to not raise taxes but turn their backs on the taxpayer once elected. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge requires that candidates put their pro-taxpayer commitments in writing, so the promise is much harder to break 

There are currently 189 Pledge signers in the U.S. House and 42 Pledge signers in the U.S. Senate. 85% of Congressional Republicans have signed The Pledge and put into writing their commitment to oppose tax increases, contrasting the ZERO congressional Democrats who have made this commitment. 

Both candidates are also current Pledge signers for their incumbencies and have proven their pro-taxpayer and growth priorities. 

While serving in the House, Rep. Mooney stood behind the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, saying “West Virginia taxpayers deserve a tax cut so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money”.  

As Governor, Gov. Justice pushed and signed a significant tax cut bill saying “We want to provide West Virginians with a tax cut for permanent relief and not a temporary stimulus”. 

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. Please visit the ATR Pledge Database for the most up-to-date information on the Pledge.