Question 3, a measure that will appear on the Massachusetts ballot in November, has been the subject of heated debate over the past year and the rhetoric is sure to intensify as the campaign heads into the final stretch. Question 3, if approved, would cut the state sales tax from 6.25 percent to 3 percent.

Boston Globe blogger and ATR friend Garrett Quinn had a great piece on the subject yesterday that is definitely worth a read. In it Quinn describes the media onslaught that union bosses and tenured bureaucrats will soon unleash in an effort to defeat Question 3:

You know those campy TV ads about how the world will end if you pass Question 3? Yeah, they'll be flooding the airwaves real soon. There will probably be one about a teacher who will fret about increased class sizes and supplies. Another one will feature some good-looking cops and firefighters who will say something like "If you pass Question 3 crime will go up because we won't have the resources to keep bad guys off the streets." Another one—if they're creative enough and have the cash—will feature a bridge crumbling like a scene out of Earthquake. The narrator buffeted by some sad and soft scary music, will say "If you pass Question 3 our roads will crumble and our bridges will fall." These have been tried for years and you usually fall for it.

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