While we wait for final results in the Washington Senate race, we are certain of one thing: Voters there have no interest in implementing an income tax.

Initiative 1098, which would have instituted a state income tax for the first time, was pummeled by a 2-to-1 margin. Pushing the measure as a tax increase on wealthy people (it would have kicked in at $200,000 of income) proved unsuccessful, as voters correctly viewed I-1098 as a "foot in the door" to substantial broadening and rate increases down the road. The federal top rate of 7 percent in 1913 looks pretty enticing right about now.

The Tax Foundation notes that this is the seventh time Washington voters have rejected an income tax. If that's not a clear refutation in the face of millions of dollars of union spending, I'm not sure what is.

And it should be noted that of the 22 six-figure contributions to the pro-tax effort, 17 of them came from labor unions.