Ties to teachers\\\’ unions, "targeted" tax cut scheme addressed

WASHINGTON- In a recent editorial in The Washington Post in which the paper endorsed Vice President Al Gore for president, the editorial offered more questions than answers about a Gore presidency by raising some important points about his record and proposals.  Among the issues addressed in the editorial were Gore\\\’s strong ties to the teachers\\\’ unions, his complicated "targeted" tax cut scheme, his know-it-all manner, and the possibility of him meddling in the economy and derailing growth.

Below are some of the statements in the paper\\\’s editorial (all quotes from the October 22, 2000 edition of The Washington Post, Page B6):

"This year\\\’s anti-business Al Gore is an unlikely reincarnation of the Democratic centrist Al Gore of years past."

"On education, Mr. Gore\\\’s thralldom to the teachers\\\’ unions strikes us as an impediment to innovative thinking."

"[Gore\\\’s] \\\’targeted\\\’ tax cuts would complicate the code often without achieving their goals."

"[Gore\\\’s] political clumsiness and know-it-all manner raise questions about his ability to inspire the country and work with Congress."

"[Gore\\\’s] bench — his team of advisers on international and domestic policy — is unimpressive."

"There is a risk, too, that [Gore] would meddle in economic matters better left alone, and thereby derail growth."