A website dedicated to establishing a state income tax in Washington is claiming that Initiative 1077 would make the state’s tax code “more fair”, arguing that the middle and lower class have to carry a bigger tax burden than the rich. But rather than get mad at the “rich” for not taking on their “fair” share of Washington’s woes/taxes, taxpayers in Washington should remember that their legislature this year has done nothing but make taxes even more burdensome for residents of every economic class.


Let’s not forget this little summary of tax highlights:

  • Three year B&O services tax increase to 1.8% = $245.9 million
  • Three year beer tax increase of 50 cents per gallon = $57.8 million
  • Three year soda tax increase of 2 cents per 12 oz. = $38.10 million
  • Dot foods case = $154.7 million
  • Tobacco products = $101.4 million
  • Business nexus changes = $82.4 million
  • Sales tax on bottled water = $35.3 million
  • Sales tax on candy and gum = $29 million
  • Lottery marketing = $15 million
  • Convention center = $10 million
  • DOR regulatory power increase (Tax avoidance) = $8.2 million
  • Property management B&O = $6.9 million

Note that tobacco taxes affect those who are least likely to afford them. Washington has almost 800,000 smokers and those with less income use tobacco at higher rates. Also note that millionaires are not the ones playing the lottery, drinking beer, soda, or water, eating candy, or operating small businesses. The Washington Legislature also raised B&O taxes on companies that directly raises the price of goods for all consumers.

Not only has the legislature raised taxes, but it has gone behind the back of the public as the legislature suspended Initiative 960 which required a 2/3 vote to increase taxes, but the legislature essentially committed voter fraud as Washington democrats voted more than once for the suspension of Initiative 960.

Maybe Washington’s tax structure wouldn’t be so “unfair” if politicians did not raise so many taxes and spend too much of taxpayer’s money. What’s also just as unfair is the attack on wealth and prosperity; excessive taxation on wealth will hurt everyone as millionaires vote with their feet. Sounds to me that the real enemy here is not “those dirty rich people,” but the state legislature and Governor Christine Gregoire.