Following up on yesterday’s passage of the bulk of the “dirty dozen” tax package by the Colorado House, it’s worth noting that not a single Republican voted for any of the tax increases. In fact more interesting to look at is the People’s Press Collective’s January 30th breakdown of the House Democrats who appear to be most vulnerable this November as well as their analysis on how they voted on the tax package yesterday.

PPC contributor Ben DeGrow points out that of the Democrats considered most vulnerable, the following voted in favor of every single tax increase yesterday:

Rep. Dianne Primavera (33)
Rep. Max Tyler (23)
Rep. Jeanne Labuda (1)
Rep. Sara Gagliardi (27)
Two of those who voted for the whole package, Gagliardi and Primavera, are ranked by DeGrow as the two most vulnerable Dems and Labuda is considered to be the Republicans best shot for a pick up in Denver County. A number of other vulnerable Dems voted for most of the package. Reps Scanlan and Kefelas were a “Nay” on the affiliate nexus tax and Rep. Apaun (17) voted for everything but the tax increases on soda and candy.
Americans for Tax Reform looks forward to educating all those voting in the districts represented by the aforementioned lawmakers as to how they voted on this tax package during the 2010 campaign season.