On Tuesday, voters across the U.S. roundly rejected tax increases on energy:

Washington state carbon tax defeated: For the second time in a row, blue state Washington voters firmly rejected a carbon tax. Initiative 1631 was defeated by a 56.3% – 43.7% margin.

Missouri voters reject gas tax hike: Proposition D, which would have hiked Missouri’s gas tax by more than 58%, raising the rate from 17 to 27 cents per gallon, was rejected by more than 54% of Missouri voters

Utah voters reject gas tax hike: Utah voters sent a clear message to state lawmakers they do not want them to even think about raising the state gas tax. Non-binding Question 1 asked Utah voters if they wanted to advise the legislature to raise the state gas tax. Utah voters rejected the question with more than 65% voting NO

Florida voters defeated major carbon tax advocate Congressman Carlos Curbelo: With great media hype earlier this year, Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo introduced a bill to impose a massive carbon tax on the American people. The Curbelo bill would have raised the cost of all household goods and services, hitting poor households the hardest. Curbelo also said that if he won the election, he would crusade around the country for a carbon tax. Voters removed him from office.