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Teamsters President James Hoffa said it best in his vote alert urging Senators to oppose the RAISE Act “which seeks to allow employers to grant wage increases unilaterally to workers of their choosing.” That’s the point—employers should be allowed to give their unionized employees monetary compensation for increased productivity. 

Unfortunately, current law governing collective bargaining agreements requires employers to first seek union-approval before “granting wage increases.” Simply giving a unionized employee an individual bonus constitutes “direct dealing” and is illegal. The RAISE Act would remove this anti-worker wage cap and allow employers to pay their unionized employees more. 

Most union collective bargaining agreements allot raises or bonuses on the premise of tenure or seniority, not on merit. Under this system, workers are beholden to the union for increased compensation. The RAISE Act empowers workers by allowing for fair wage increases and ensures that all employees have an equal opportunity to earn raises.

Allow unionized employees to earn more money, vote YES on Amendment #2166