Delegate Jack Rollison Attacks the Taxpayer 

WASHINGTON – The Virginia delegation, under the leadership of Co-Chairman of the Transportation Committee Delegate Jack Rollison, is considering a bill that will raise taxes on the people of Northern Virginia.  Delegate Rollison, through his efforts to raise taxes and increase government spending on Virginian citizens, has secured the Americans for Tax Reform “Enemy of the Taxpayer” award for the month of July. 

Delegate Rollison is the Chief Sponsor of legislation that will create a referendum to raise the sales tax in Northern Virginia by half a penny.  The increased tax would pay for the new spending initiatives that Delegate Rollison, and the other members of the transportation committee, would like to enact in Northen Virginia.  

“To take much-needed money away from Virginian families by forcing them to pay higher taxes is ludicrous and only makes sense to tax-and-spend politicians who do not have to worry about balancing their own checkbook. If legislators were serious about balancing the budget they would reduce spending rather than raise the sales tax,” said Damon B. Ansell, Vice President for Policy for Americans for Tax Reform.