Earlier this month, ATR President Grover Norquist joined Jacqueline Alemany on Washington Post Live to speak about President Biden’s $2 Trillion infrastructure deal.  

A large part of Biden’s plan includes dumping billions of dollars to support the deployment of municipally owned fiber optic networks. This approach would do nothing to close the digital divide but rather waste taxpayer dollars repurposing the broadband networks of urban areas who already have high-speed and quality internet connections.  

Grover Norquist:  

They want to do broadband because they’ve decided broadband is the future. Somebody didn’t tell them about satellites, somebody didn’t tell them about 5G. And so they are taking yesterday’s technology and deciding that everybody’s got to have this one size fits all approach; as opposed to subsidizing those people in the rural areas who really need it because of the increased time it takes to get internet. Or you might think that it makes more sense to use satellites which are being put up right now to solve some of these problems.    

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