In a victory for evidence and common sense, the New Hampshire Senate Commerce Committee yesterday voted to dismiss SB 62, legislation that would have banned flavored reduced risk tobacco alternatives such as e-cigarettes. Contrary to arguments made by special interest groups, these innovative products have proven critical to the process of helping adults quit smoking, while having no impact whatsoever on youth vaping rates.

Testimony presented to the committee demonstrated how, if enacted, SB 62 would have had a disastrous impact on businesses and public health throughout the Granite State, leading to widespread layoffs and business closures, as well as a clear increase in tobacco-related mortality.

It is becoming all too common for legislators to ignore science and data, and impose bans and regulations with disastrous consequences.

Consumers across the Granite State thank Commerce Committee Chair Harold French, Vice Chair Bill Cannon, and Senators Jeb Bradley and Kevin Cavanaugh for following the evidence and for their service!

You can download ATR’s submission setting out the evidence here