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A sign of things to come if federal government imposes national flavor ban

In a preview of what could come nationally, a Rhode Island vape shop is being forced to go out of business because of a flavored vaping product ban signed by Democrat Gov. Gina Raimondo.

NBC 10 went to one of the stores which is being forced to shut down, and found that the state is taking away his ability to help others quit smoking cigarettes.

NBC10 said:

 Six years in, he said he felt he was helping people. He even created a wall with people’s photos as a tribute to those who were able to quit smoking thanks to vaping.

“It’s a big deal when people quit smoking, when they haven’t been able to quit for years, trying to gum, patch, hypnotism, all sorts of stuff,” said Del Sesto.

He explained the flavored products were the most helpful to people trying to stop smoking cigarettes because they didn’t remind them of tobacco.

But the “tobacco free” wall will be boxed up with the rest of the flavor cartridges the governor’s executive order forced him to take off the shelves.

Del Sosto said:

“I’ve just lost. My pride and passion gone. I called the governor four times, not even a call back. Nothing.”

If the federal government imposes a ban on flavored vaping products, more small business owners like Del Sesto will be forced to close their doors and be left with no job, and former smokers will start smoking again. 

Watch the heart-wrenching interview below