For those working on the VAT issue, bookmark this page (permalink is below).  It will be continually-updated to have the latest Anti-VAT materials:

ATR Anti-VAT Caucus Roster

Letter of Invitation for Congressmen and Senators to join the Anti-VAT Caucus

Signup sheet for candidates to pre-emptively join the Anti-VAT Caucus

Timeline of Obama Administration/allies statements on a VAT

One-page summary of everything you ever needed to know about a VAT

Seven Things Every American Should Know About a VAT

Illustration of a VAT Applied to a Loaf of Bread

As VATs rise, goverment spending rises

Tax Burdens in European Countries Ten Years After a VAT

VATs Lead to Higher Aggregate Tax Burdens

VAT Doesn't Lead to Lower Taxes on Corporate Income

VAT Doesn't Lead to Lower Taxes on Personal Income

VAT Doesn't Lead to Lower Taxes on Capital Income and Profits

Hidden Costs of Implementing a VAT