Like most Utahans, ATR was pleased to hear Gov. Herbert in his State of State address declare that the best path for Utah is “continued fiscal restraint and to not raise taxes.” This hasn’t stopped the persistent talk of tax hikes in the capitol, however.

 Over the past five years, state spending has grown by 41% in Utah – even when indexed for inflation. In that light, it’s easy to explain why the state is set to overspend revenues by $700 million this year. Instead of bringing this spending in check, however, lawmakers have proposed a litany of tax hikes including:
  • A $1.30 per pack cigarette tax hike. On average, smokers have a median income of little more than $36,000, about 30 percent less than non-smokers. That hasn’t stopped lawmakers from pushing a $94 million tax hike onto lower income individuals.
  • Establishing a progressive, three-tiered income tax with a top rate of 7% – abolishing the state’s 5% flat tax.
  • A 10-cent gas tax hike set to cost consumers over $100 million.
  • Eliminating the sales tax vendor credit for another $20 million tax hike.
  • Raising the tax on food to match the state’s general sales tax rate.
Utah residents: CLICK HERE to write your lawmakers now and urge them to take these tax hikes off the table.
(photo by Paraflyer)