Jane Timken, former Chair of the Ohio Republican party and current U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio, announced she has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The pledge is a written commitment to voters that a candidate or elected official will oppose tax increases.

That strong, public commitment to taxpayers should give them confidence Timken will protect their pocketbooks if she becomes the next U.S. Senator from Ohio.

In Washington, President Biden has led a full-on assault on taxpayers, giving Ohioans plenty to worry about as the administration and Democrats in Congress push tax hikes, job-killing policies, attack affordable energy, and undermine state election law and the right to free speech and association.

Ohioans will need staunch defenders in the nation’s capital.

Timken’s competition in the race includes former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, Michael Leipold, and Mark Pukita.  As of late March, Jane Timken is the only primary candidate running to have signed the pledge, formally committing to oppose tax increases.

A Democrat has yet to officially declare a bid for the Ohio 2022 senate race although many see Tim Ryan and Dr. Amy Action as potential contenders. Despite 4 Republicans currently declared, more may well enter the race.

Ohioans should pay attention to which candidates publicly commit to protecting taxpayers, and remind candidates who have not made that written commitment that they too can sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.