Republican candidate Ed Gillespie ​did not sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Gillespie informed ATR that he has a policy against signing pledges. However, he did make a firm public commitment to the taxpayers of Virginia that he would oppose higher taxes.

The following statement by Ed Gillespie makes that abundantly clear:

Raising taxes on American families and businesses that are already too high would only impede economic growth and make the problem worse. We do not have deficits because taxes aren’t high enough, we have deficits because Federal spending is out of control and our economy is not creating enough jobs. I promise my fellow Virginians I will fight and vote against any efforts to increase marginal income tax rates on individuals and businesses, and oppose any net reduction or elimination of tax deductions and credits unless they are matched by equal reductions in tax rates. Growing our economy and getting spending under control are the keys to resolving our burgeoning federal debt, not further adding to the tax burden on American families and businesses.

ATR displayed Gillespie in the database as having written a letter to the taxpayers of Virginia. We did not display a copy of a Pledge, because he did not sign one.

Sen. Warner, on the other hand, voted to impose 20 different taxes on Virginians when he voted for Obamacare. He has voted for all the tax hikes Harry Reid told him to.