Urge Congress to Investigate Billions in Obamacare State Exchange Waste

After more than five years of Obamacare, it is clear the law is not working. Obamacare has hiked taxes for Americans families and businesses at least 21 times, and has resulted in skyrocketing medical costs and canceled plans. 

Perhaps worse, billions of dollars were given to states to plan and construct state exchanges. According to the GAO, $5.51 billion was distributed for the construction of state exchanges, but they cannot account for more than half of the funds.

Many states took the money, and then abandoned their plans. Residents were forced onto the federal exchange, but the states kept the money. States should not be rewarded for failing. Congress must make sure every dollar recovered from these states is returned to the taxpayers.

Taxpayers deserve the truth behind how billions were wasted. Congress must investigate.