Allowing more Obamacare taxes to take effect in 2018 must be out of the question. If Congress fails to act the Obamacare Health Insurance Tax (HIT) will hit Americans on January 1, 2018. This tax alone could cause premiums to increase by $5,000 over a decade. ATR launched the “Stop Obamacare Taxes” bus tour in late September to keep pressure on Congress to delay and repeal all Obamacare taxes.

Continuing the march across the country, on Tuesday, October 3, the “Stop Obamacare Taxes” bus tour made its second stop in Denver, Colorado at the Pepsi Center before the WWE “Smackdown Live.”  The stadium seats over 18,000 people and was packed to the brim. The parking lot where the ATR tour bus was positioned was just as packed. As WWE fans headed into the stadium, many stopped to take pictures of the bus and to read about the pending Obamacare Taxes soon to take effect.

Many concerned citizens interested in learning about the looming tax hikes were asked to write their Congressmen urging a repeal of ALL Obamacare taxes. And those who really wanted to drive the message home about the need for repeal, received a camo koozie and a t-shirt that reads, “You can’t hide from Obamacare tax increases.”

ATR staff fielded questions from those in attendance, explaining how the trillions of new and enacted taxes under Obamacare will affect their lives, taking more hard-earned dollars out of their paychecks.

Numerous people opened up and shared their own stories about how Obamacare has already negatively impacted them, raising their premiums sky-high. 

Moving from Denver, the tour headed north through Fort Collins, Colorado into Wyoming, stopping along the journey to spread awareness to American taxpayers.

At an impromptu stop in Wheaton, Wyoming, dozens of residents approached the tour to share their own personal experiences under the law, and they were horrified to hear about the coming tax increases once the other Obamacare tax provisions take effect.

One story that stuck out was that of Robert Parks, an Air Force Veteran, retiree, and Wyoming resident who told ATR staff and fellow citizens about how his premiums used to be just slightly over $50, yet, after retirement and post-Obamacare, his premiums skyrocketed to over $500! Unfortunately, Mr. Parks is not alone, millions of Americans find themselves in the same situation, having to foot the bill for the exorbitant tax-hikes under the ACA.

After their departure from Wyoming, the crew headed to South Dakota, arriving in Rapid City on Wednesday. Throughout the day, over two dozen residents approached the tour to share stories regarding how Obamacare has negatively impacted their lives.

ATR Federal Affairs Manager, Justin Sykes, also did an interview in front of the bus for Rapid City’s KOTA News Station. See the video above.

The next stop for the “Stop Obamacare Taxes” bus will be in Wisconsin, stay tuned for more details!