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Earlier today, the Cochrane Library published updates to their systematic review of electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation. The updates, which come from 17 new studies, offer additional proof that vaping is a more effective smoking cessation tool than traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs).

The Cochrane Library summarizes and interprets scientific and medical research to produce reviews and meta-analyses of key scientific questions that are considered the “gold standard” in the medical profession. The review, which is aimed at examining the effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of e-cigarettes to help those who smoke quit, includes 78 studies representing 22,052 participants. 40 of the studies are randomized control trials.

The full text can be read here. Key findings and conclusions from the Cochrane Review are summarized below:

  • There is “high-certainty evidence” that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes increase the chance of a smoker achieving long-term cessation compared to traditional NRTs.
  • Per 100 people who attempt to quit, e-cigarettes may be expected to yield an additional four quitters compared to traditional NRT users.
  • Evidence also suggests that nicotine e-cigarettes may benefit someone attempting to quit smoking better than behavioral support, although the researchers concluded it is less certain.
  • Researchers did not detect evidence of “serious harm” from e-cigarettes.

The findings of the Cochrane Review show clearly that e-cigarettes can play a critical role in transitioning generations of cigarette smokers to reduced-risk nicotine products. Flavored products, which are not discussed in the Cochrane Review, are shown to increase the likelihood of achieving full cessation by 43%, compared to those using unflavored or tobacco flavored vaping products. As more evidence emerges in support of e-cigarettes, it becomes even more crucial that lawmakers stand with their vaping constituents against anti-scientific restrictions.