*This post has been updated to reflect businesswoman Jessica James's signing of the Pledge

Last month, Republican Rep. Jo Bonner (AL-01) announced plans to resign in mid-August to accept a new position in the University of Alabama system. As a result, the 1st District seat is now up for grabs in a special election. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has yet to decide the official primary date.

Politics1 lists Bradley Byrne, Randy Davis, Chad Fincher, James Halland, Quin Hillyer, Jessica James, and Dean Young as the current Republican candidates. Other potential entrants include Ben Brooks, Tucker Dorsey, Bill Hightower, Connie Hudson, Tripp Pittman, and Robert Wilters.

The 1st District, anchored in Mobile County, is comprised of a fairly reliable conservative electorate. The Cook Political Report rates the crowded race as “Solid Republican” with a Partisan Voter Index of R+15. In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney won 54% of the district’s overall vote.

Once the official primary date is announced, ATR will release an official list of candidates who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Conservative journalist Quin Hillyer, former State Senator Bradley Byrne, and businesswoman Jessica James were the first candidates to provide their signatures, and others are expected to follow suit. When it comes time to vote, the people of Alabama’s 1st District will know which candidates are committed to protecting them from higher taxes.