With passage in the Arkansas House and Senate, House Bill 1451, the Milk Tax, is going to the Governor Beebe’s office for consideration in signing.  Americans for Tax Reform urges a veto of House Bill 1451, the Milk Tax. 

Governor Beebe should be commended for cutting the grocery tax.  With this said, raising taxes on milk will only dillute the tax cuts that he has signed into law.  

With the actions you have taken to cutting grocery taxes on families, signing House Bill 1451 would be counterproductive to this relief.  By levying a 30-cent per hundredweight tax on dairy products a the wholesale level, this bill will raise the price of milk and dairy products for consumers at a time when families are already struggling to make ends meet.

-Grover Norquist

To see the letter that Americans for Tax Reform sent to the Governor asking for his veto of HB 1451, the Milk Tax, please click here.  Also, ATR has also joined a number of other groups opposing this tax, the coaltion letter and ad in opposition to the Milk tax.