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The cloture vote yesterday FAILED 57-42 with Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold opposing. However, the two Republican Senators from Maine supported this bill. Sen Collins and Snowe need to be reminded to oppose this bill!

Now, the Democrat leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, has scheduled another cloture vote for today at 2:30 – keep up the pressure.

You must act today. Click here to TAKE ACTION and tell your Senator to vote "no" on the cloture vote this Wednesday. The Democrats need 60 votes to pass this procedural motion known as "cloture."

The Senate will still consider amendments today. The current pending amendments to the bill are:

  • Brownback #3789 (auto dealers exclusion)
  • Merkley/Levin #4115 (proprietary trading) (2nd degree amdt to Brownback #3789)
  • Specter #3776 (as mod.) (aiding and abetting class action)
  • Leahy #3823 (McCarran Ferguson repeal)
  • Cantwell #3884 (to reinstate Glass-Steagall)
  • Cardin #4050 (resource extraction issuers)