According to Bret Baier at Fox News, Eric Stein, Senior Vice President for the Center for Responsible Lending, helped secure risky loans for low income individuals who would otherwise not qualify.

Why is this bad?

The government gave incentives for banks and lending institutions to seek-out these individuals who would normally be rejected during the loan process due to low income or bad credit. Institutions, backed by the government (taxpayer dollars) were in a win-win position. If they gave the loan, and it is paid back with interest, the lending institutions keep the money – win. If the loan defaults and is not paid back, the government uses taxpayer dollars to cover the bank's loss – win.

These large institutions win, thanks to this fail-safe logic by Democrats, and taxpayer lose.

You would think this lesson had been learned by now. However, this risky, government-backed behavior that got us into this mess to begin with – it's back in Title 12 of Dodd's bill, page 1398. ATR is calling this "Fannie Mae 2.0." Not only does this Title encourage this behavior by backing the bank's losses, it actually uses taxpayer money to give to financial institutions to allow them to advertise and actively seek out these high risk, lower income individuals.

What happened to Eric Stein? He is next in line to head the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that Sen. Dodd's bill will create. Well he certainly seems qualified…

Now which party is really coddling Wall Street?