Everyone knows the United Auto Workers likes to discriminate against non-union workers since they can’t deal with competition. It’s no secret they get behind protectionist and anti-immigrant legislation for the same reason.

But I never imagined they’d take it this far.
 Acording to Carpe Diem, the blog of University of Michigan economics professor Mark Perry:
“I took this picture this afternoon about a mile from my office, at the parking lot of UAW Local 599 in Flint, on the edge of Buick City, which employed 28,000 GM workers in the 1980s and was demolished in 2002.”
After that he proceeds to ponder the legality of such blatant discrimination as well as the paradoxes it creates, like whether or not cars made by Canadian UAW members are still banned. Maybe that’s why the parking lot looks so empty.
Check out his post for the full inanity of unions at work, and for info on how to stop Big Labor’s efforts to undermine workers’ rights, check out the Alliance for Worker Freedom.
H/T Reason