The Center for Health Transformation recently released two charts detailing the effects of Obamacare. The first of the charts depicts the 158 new agencies, bureaus, commissions, panels, and other organizations created by the legislation in an organizational chart, and the second of the charts maps out the various implantation deadlines required by the legislation.

As former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich asserts, “This diagram shows the new law is a massive expansion of government and does little to focus on improving individual health,” Gingrich said. “This is a blueprint for more regulation and more headaches for every American – especially those who rely on the government for health insurance coverage.”

Likewise, “If this doesn’t make your head hurt, I don’t know what will,” said Nancy Desmond, CEO of the Center. “Any American who looks at this chart will be in great fear that health care delivery will certainly get more complicated in the years to come.”

David Merritt, Vice President and Director of National Health Policy at the Center added, “This timeline looks more intricate, complicated and overwhelming than a computer’s motherboard. Somehow during the next decade the healthcare economy is going to have to navigate these deadlines without harming patients.”

Touted as the everyman’s solution to rising healthcare costs and market uncertainly, it remains unclear that any man could navigate the bureaucratic briar patch that this legislation creates. Moreover, it seems nigh on impossible to assert that such a process could lower costs at any point in providing healthcare, and the myriad of tax increases in Obamacare just continue to increase the cost of healthcare to consumers.