With this week came the release of two coalition letters garnering support in the battle against the FCC’s attempt to regulate the Internet. The letters had signatures representing an array of think tanks, advocacy groups, state legislators and bloggers who know and care about the issue of government regulation. They urged the FCC and President Obama to reconsider support of the restrictive Net Neutrality rules that would arise with the FCC obtaining “Title II” regulatory authority over the Internet.

The letters stand in stark contrast to the highly controversial June 29th letter of socialist group Free Press crying out for Internet Net Neutrality regulations. The letter lacked policy-focus, and frankly, their supporters were lacking as well. Let’s recall how many of the signees didn’t work on telecom or media policy (such as a pet rescue center, Planned Parenthood, The Dr. Pepper Museum). Upon further investigation, it was discovered that many signees had never heard of Net Neutrality, some were strictly opposed to it, some weren’t even aware of their names on the letter.

We Americans should be ever-wary of government intervention when it comes to the Internet. We must forgo such regulations and continue support of the system of dynamic innovation and openness that has guided us this far—the system we currently enjoy.

To read the anti-Internet regulation letters, click here and here.