President Donald Trump’s pledge to eliminate federal taxes on tipped income is inspiring a frenzy of restaurant customers to post their checks online, complete with handwritten notes endorsing Trump’s policy.

Photos have been circulating all over social media showing servers receiving – in addition to a check with their gratuity – a handwritten message calling for their support of Trump due to his promise of tax-free tips.

Americans for Tax Reform will continue to update this post with examples of customers posting their checks with their endorsement of Trump’s tax-free tip plan. Submit your post to [email protected] to be included.

Examples of customers posting their checks:

In one popular post, X user @nicksortor displayed an image of his restaurant receipt with a $100 tip on top of a $25 check:

Another check from X user @ScottPresler says, “A Vote 4 Trump is a Vote 4 No Tax on Tips!”  

On the rollout of the tax-free tips, Trump emphasized to service industry workers:

“You do a great job of service, you take care of people, and I think it’s going to be something that really is deserved.” 

This anti-tax messaging is especially relevant given the substantial amount of American service workers that rely on tips. According to data from 2023, about 2.2 million American workers are employed as waiters or waitresses. This number does not even include other categories which also receive tips, such as fast food or food counter workers. There is a large segment of the American population that would benefit from Trump’s tax-less tipping, and this could carry political weight.   

In a viral response to Real America’s Voice reposting his rally speech on Truth Social, Trump doubled down on his commitment, echoing “NO TAX ON TIPS!!”.

More Examples from Customers: