The Department of Energy made headlines yesterday in its announcement of expanded shipments of natural gas from Texas’s Freeport LNG Terminal.

In what is now a viral press release, Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes highlighted the geopolitical benefits of expanding U.S. natural gas development and increasing exports by referring to natural gas as “freedom gas.”

“Increasing export capacity from the Freeport LNG project is critical to spreading freedom gas throughout the world by giving America’s allies a diverse and affordable source of clean energy,” said Menezes.

DOE is correct to highlight the geopolitical leverage of the U.S. natural gas boom. For example, expanded natural gas shipments to Europe provide European nations an alternative supply option to Russia, the main natural gas supplier in the region, allowing them to be less dependent on Russia in diplomatic negotiations.

In addition to yesterday’s press release, Energy Secretary Rick Perry has previously stated that the “United Stated is not just exporting energy, we’re exporting freedom.” 

DOE’s press release concluded by highlighting the economic development and job creation stemming from increased natural gas production and projecting U.S. LNG export capacity, currently at 5 billion cubic feet per day, to double by the end of 2020.