The Pelosi-Obama-Reid troika is looking to put taxpayers on the hook for paying for their trillion dollar spending plan under the guise of economic “stimulus”.   Taxpayers, who have already been saddled with a series of government bailouts in recent months, cannot afford this bloated spending package riddled with pork-barrel spending that will do nothing to “stimulate” the economy.
Here are just some examples of the waste contained in the package:
  • $650 million in additional funds for the DTV conversion
  • $600 million for new vehicles for the federal motor vehicle fleet
  • $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts
  • $200 million to plant grass on the National Mall
  • $800 in direct funding for AMTRAK, a bottomless pit that has failed to become self-sufficient and continuously relies on taxpayer bailouts
  • massive bailouts for state and local governments that have failed to live within their means, essentially rewarding bad behavior.
It is time to stop taking more money out of the productive sector of the economy to throw political favors in the form of hand-picked projects with dubious merits! If the goal is to stimulate the ailing economy, Congress should reject this ill-conceived spending package and enact meaningful tax cuts instead!