The following article by ATR's Patrick Gleason ran in yesterday's Daily Caller:

It was announced this week that former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm will be writing a regular column for Politico. Those familiar with Granholm’s track record as governor are likely scratching their heads as to what expertise the former governor could offer that warrants a bi-weekly column. Her time as governor was marked by the imposition higher taxes, unsustainable spending and excessive regulations that resulted in a lost decade for the Great Lakes State.

In her maiden column this week — which is comprised of tired liberal platitudes, disingenuous DNC talking points and dumbed-down rhetoric reminiscent of blather straight out of a Daily Kos comments section — Granholm referred to Michigan as a laboratory of democracy, evoking former Supreme Court Justice Brandeis’s famous reference to the states’ utility as 50 guinea pigs for testing new policies. Yet, a look at Granholm’s record shows that on her watch Michigan was more like a lavatory of democracy.

The national unemployment rate currently stands at 8.3%. In terms of economic contraction, it appears Michigan was way ahead of the curve under Gov. Granholm. Back in 2008, when the national unemployment rate stood at 5.8%, the unemployment rate in Granholm’s Michigan was already at 8.3%. Impressive.

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