The internet sales tax mandate would be a major change in the way businesses operate especially around tax season. At the end of each year businesses are responsible for paying sales tax. They can choose to tax their customers at the point of sale or pay out what they owe in sales tax at the end of the year. Businesses therefore act as a tax collection arm for the state in which they do business. The internet sales tax mandate would force businesses to become sales tax collectors for all states.

So, here are the Top Five Reasons to Oppose the Marketplace Fairness Act:

  • Threatens Privacy – Business and state revenue boards with a track record of losing private information will have more chances to do so. Like this unsuspecting cat, you're not safe.

  • Slippery Slope – Opens the door for further government intervention in the internet and for states to reach across their borders for other taxes.

  • Too Confusing – Small businesses would be forced to accommodate over 9,000 highly variable state and local tax codes and be required to settle disputes with out of state revenue boards in out of state courts.

  • Discourages Tax Competition – Rather than competing to lower taxes and attract businesses, states will compete to raise taxes on residents of other states. This will be you.

  • Expands State Tax Authority – State Governments will be able to tax across their borders despite clear legal and judicial precedentarguing otherwise. Money Hungry States Like California and Illinois Will Come After You. You're the duck.

Essentially, if the Marketplace Fairness Act passes, this will be you:

Join our effort to prevent this from happening by clicking here: and signing our petition to tell Congress NO on a federal internet tax.