Americans for Tax Reform suggests the following five questions be put to President Obama during his press conference tonight:

1. Which of the tax increases in your budget will create jobs?  Is it raising the small business tax rate?  Is it imposing over a trillion dollars of new taxes on American energy?  Is it raising the capital gains and dividends tax on our nest eggs?  Why do any of these things to our economy?
2. Secretary Geithner came out with a plan for the government to help buy up toxic assets. What gives you confidence that Geithner can do this considering what just happened with the AIG bailout?
3. By expanding government to record levels, your budget crowds out private sector investment. How does this contribute to economic growth or create jobs?
4. Labor unions are still making a push for the so-called "card check" bill that would also impose binding arbitration in collective bargaining. Do you think a recession is the time to change the rules in favor of Big Labor?
5. What’s the highest marginal tax rate any American should have to pay?  Many polls say that most Americans believe that figure is 25 percent. What do you think?