The world’s most prestigious peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to nicotine and tobacco research recently published a study examining the association between usage of flavored vapor products and progression towards quitting smoking.  

Ten leading experts on public health, tobacco control, and cancer prevention studied the behaviors of smokers in the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. Their findings are remarkable and prove true what has long been asserted by advocates of reduced risk alternatives to traditional cigarettes. 

Here are the crucial takeaways:  

  • “Use of fruit and other sweet flavored e-liquids is positively related to smokers’ transition away from cigarettes”  
  • Smokers who use sweet flavored vapor products were 43% more likely to quit smoking than those who used unflavored or tobacco flavored vapor products  
  • Among those who quit smoking, 48% quit nicotine use entirely 
  • Users of sweet flavored products who quit cigarette smoking were no more likely to continue using nicotine products than those who used unflavored or tobacco flavored products 


This study is a major contribution to the growing body of scientific research that illustrates the importance of flavors for adults seeking to quit smoking. As state legislatures across the United States consider bans on flavored vapor products, lawmakers must accept the science on vaping and promote policies that encourage smokers to quit cigarette use, rather than prohibit products proven vital to smoking cessation.