Today Californians head to the polls to vote on Propositions 1A-F in a special election.  Propositions 1A-F would effectively raise taxes on Californians in an attempt to compensate for a poorly financed government.

Proposition 1A in particular is a massive tax hike presented as a spending cap.  This measure alone would cost California taxpayers $16 billion in income, sales, and car tax hikes.  Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine), Taxpayer Protection Pledge Caucus Chair in the California State Assembly (link here), recently launched a great website to educate Californians on why all the measures in today’s special election should be rejected.  Click here for DeVore’s website. 
It looks like the California Legislature will be spending the summer trying to fix the budget problems.  As painful and contentious as this debate will be, at least they won’t have time to focus on more horrendous legislation like this.
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Photo Credit: Andreas Pagel