Below is a continuously-updated timeline of Obama administration obfuscation on the question of Obamacare enrollment data:

October 1:

“I would refer you to HHS for details.  Again, this is day one." -White House spokesman Jay Carney, WH Press Briefing

We’re not releasing that information yet." -CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, media conference call

October 3:

“No, we don't have that data." -White House spokesman Jay Carney, WH Press Briefing

October 4:

“You should ask HHS.  I don't have a number.” -White House spokesman Jay Carney, WH Press Briefing

October 5:

“Well, I don’t have the numbers yet." -President Obama, interview with Associated Press

October 6:

"Well, it's obviously not my primary area of responsibility." -Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Fox News Sunday

October 7:

“We’re going to release those numbers monthly like we do with other medical data. The truth is we don’t have that information now." – White House economic adviser Gene Sperling, Politico Playbook Breakfast

“We will release monthly data when it is available. We have not given an exact date, but it will be after end of month and we will work with states to collect their data to have a good picture of what's happening across the country.” -An unnamed “senior administration official.” As reported by CNN Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper

“We’ll release enrollment data on regular, monthly intervals.”  -White House spokesman Jay Carney, WH Press Briefing

“I’d refer you to CMS and HHS. I’m not sure when that begins. But I’m sure we’ll let you know in plenty of time so you can plan and put it in your calendar.” -White House spokesman Jay Carney, WH Press Briefing, when asked for a specific date on which the data would be made available.

"Fully enrolled? I can't tell you. Because I don't know.” – HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

Americans for Tax Reform has launched a petition drive for taxpayers to send a message to President Obama to immediately release the enrollment data. The petition can be found at