1. The Congressional docket is packed full

Unresolved legislative issues ranging from student loans (which doubled last week) the farm bill (which recently failed) and immigration reform (which is still in the early stages of being put on paper in the House) are all on the table.

2. Elliot Spitzer is running for office again

Seriously. Client Number 9, New York’s former Governor will be seeking the position of NYC comptroller. It’s so real he Tweeted it. As if that wasn’t enough Kristin Davis, the woman who provided him with call girls, is running for the spot as well. This probably doesn't help Anthony Weiner's bid for mayor. Something's clearly in the drinking water.

Remember this? 

3. North Carolina legislature extends session to deal with tax reform

After the state house passed the largest tax cut in state history, several sticking points must be addressed before a compromise with the senate can be finalized. The fiscal year began on July 1 and the legislature needs to reach a deal by the end of this month. North Carolina taxpayers will emerge as winners once that’s done.

4. Republican Bob McDonnell Remains Virginia’s Governor

A blog post on Virginia’s most popular political blog sent social media afire when a contributor at Bearing Drift claimed that Governor McDonnell was “in the middle of finalizing a plea agreement which includes his resignation as governor.” Spokesmen for the Governor immediately denied the claim as did UVA’s Larry Sabato. All that is clear at this point is that McDonnell’s tax hikes took effect on July 1st.

5. “No one is talking about Biden”

…said one source involved in Democratic fundraising. Regarding 2016, if Joe Biden’s going to make moves, Politico notes he’s got to start raising money now. Funny enough, they point out that he’s never been too good at it.

6. Unemployment Stuck at 7.6%

In case you were enjoying the July 4th weekend, you might have missed Friday’s jobs report. 195,000 new jobs and no net change in unemployment. If labor force participation were back to pre-recession levels, unemployment would be at 11.1%. On the plus side, 5,000 government employees lost their jobs.

7. Liz Cheney Eyeing 2014 US Senate Run Against Incumbent Republican

Former Vice President and Wyoming native Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz, reportedly called Senator Enzi (R-WY) to tell him “she’s looking at” running against him next year. That would open up a contentious primary battle between the 46 year old and Enzi. Liz has recently stepped up her political and public appearances around the state, signaling she may actually be considering it.