With help from the GOP tax cuts, GE Appliances is investing $200 million in U.S. manufacturing operations and adding 400 jobs. The National Association of Manufacturers detailed the GE Appliances announcement on their Shopfloor blog, one of the best sources to learn about the positive effects of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

GE Appliances unveiled their biggest move yet, announcing an incredible new $200 million investment in its Kentucky dishwasher and laundry manufacturing operations that will support up to 400 new manufacturing jobs and help the company meet increasing consumer demand.

“The changes in rates and favorable tax treatment of investments in machinery and equipment play a big role in our expansion plans,” Kevin Nolan, president, and chief executive officer for GE Appliances, said Monday morning in the announcement of the investment.

According to GE Appliances, the $200 million investment will fuel two areas of growth:

Investment in its laundry production facility, which will increase manufacturing capacity by approximately 20 percent
Investment in dishwasher production to expand the facility’s production capability by 35 percent

“The combined impact of operations, employee compensation and today’s announced $200 million investment will result in creation of an additional 13,500 jobs in the Commonwealth,” GE Appliances said in their statement. Appliance Park is expected to increase its already substantial economic impact by an additional $18 billion.

GE Appliances’ investment comes at an important time for manufacturing workers in the United States. Manufacturers promised that the passage of tax reform that gives manufacturers in the United States a competitive advantage would unlock an unprecedented wave of big investments, new jobs, and rising paychecks. Today’s exciting news from GE Appliances confirms that manufacturers are keeping that promise.

This is not the first time GE Appliances has made large investments in 2018 because of the tax cuts: The company invested $150 million to open four new distribution centers adding 220 new jobs all over the United States. Last May, the manufacturer announced a $9.3 million investment supporting 210 new jobs in Tennessee and another $115 million investment in a manufacturing facility in Alabama, adding another 225 jobs. All investments are totaling $275 million. 

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