The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act continues to ignite small business growth across the United States. Companies are raising pay, giving bonuses, and enhancing employee benefits. And now, Powder Monkey Fireworks Inc, of Weldon Spring, Missouri is starting SEP IRAs:

As noted by Chris Sander, President of Powder Monkey Fireworks:

“The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act brings confidence to seasonal firework retailers and patriotic consumers who celebrate freedom each July 4th with fireworks. Our success in 2018 has allowed powder monkey FIREWORKS, Inc to contribute a bonus equal to 25% of annual payroll into SEP IRA accounts at no cost to employees. Our employees work evening, weekend, overnight, and seasonal summer job shifts to earn extra income retailing fireworks. Lower tax rates bring higher wages, more payroll, and more employee benefits.”


Powder Monkey Fireworks is the newest addition to the growing Missouri Examples of Tax Reform Good News list.

Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill voted NO on the tax cuts.

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