To thank Rep. Chris Gibson (NY-20) for his continued efforts to rein in out-of-control government spending, reform our antiquated and onerous tax code,  and put this country back on a path to economic recovery, Americans for Tax Reform is asking taxpayers to sign on to the following petition below.

Dear Member,

Thank you for your courageous stand against bloated government spending by making your crucial “yes” vote on the Full-Year Continuing Resolution for FY 2011. You showed leadership in voting to tackle the government’s overspending problem immediately, signaling the fight against government growth starts with a single step. Cutting $40 billion from baselines this year translates to over $300 billion in savings for taxpayers over the next decade, and sets the stage for next year’s budget fight that will pivot the fight from slashing billions to trillions in the coming years.

As a taxpayer, I also would like to thank you for standing with millions of Americans who see their hard-earned tax dollars taken and wasted on deficit-driving spending. By taking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, you have assured the taxpayers that you stand with us as well as the generations of taxpayers who will be on the hook for Congress’s foolhardy spending practices today.

Rest assured that your efforts to tackle this country’s fiscal crisis are greatly appreciated. You have shown we cannot afford to push this problem further down the road; by voting for the first full-year continuing resolution that actually cuts, rather than increases, spending from the previous you have signaled the battle over the size of government is one that is won day by day. Your action in addressing wasteful Washington spending is admirable, and I am excited to see further progress made in the future.