Henry Kriegel, president of Montanans for Tax Reform

As we reported previously, on the 4th of July thousands of citizens from all walks of life, from every state in the Union, rallied to promote the values our Republic was founded upon: liberty individual freedom – and NOT opressive big government. With estimates of 200,000 protesters at over 600 rallies, this was a true national grassroots event.

Henry Kriegel, president of Montanans for Tax Reform, writes the following for us on the Bozeman, Montana Tea Party:


The Independence Day Tea Party made this July 4 one of the most memorable of my lifetime.  In a stirring display of patriotism and civil protest, and in direct response to the opposition from the City Commission and biased media, more than 2,000 Tea Party Freedom Fighters showed up and marched on Main Street for fiery speeches at the Court House.  Our love of country and our outrage over massive government over-spending brought us together.  This includes the more than $75 trillion in national debt and the $12 trillion spent, lent or committed to by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve System over the last year alone. 

This threat of economic collapse has motivated hundreds of thousands across the nation to take to the streets in protests, many for the first time in their lives is exponentially increasing our center-right movement.  Montana, with less than one million and excellent citizen legislator statesmen who are pioneering legislation with legislation like the Made in Montana Firearms bill which challenges federal interstate commerce laws  is helping to lead the way in a new grassroots freedom movement called the Tea Party movement.  Rallies in Helena, Great Falls and Glendive also drew large crowds.

Americans for Tax Reform is collecting a running tally of tea party attendance on the 4th of July. If you attended a tea party, please send share your expiriences with us and send an email to [email protected]