In a year when economic issues are rightly dominating campaign trail discussion, there are two important truths that Texas voters can now discern. In this November’s gubernatorial election, Lone Star State voters can rest assured that if they pull the lever for Governor Rick Perry, their taxes will not go up at any point in the next four years. Standing in stark contrast, Perry’s Democrat opponent Bill White has assured Texas voters that higher taxes would be a certainty under a White administration.

In an interview yesterday with the Associated Press, Bill White refused to say that he would not raise taxes if elected governor. When asked specifically about a gas tax increase, White, in dodging an easy question, responded that he would "work with the legislative leadership to address a long-run transportation plan." This is campaign speak for – “I don’t want to answer that question because voters won’t like the answer.”

Here, Perry once again stands in stark contrast to White’s ambiguity with his straightforwardness. Not only has Perry made it absolutely clear on numerous occasions that he will not consider any tax increases, he has gone so far as to put it in writing by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Texas is projected to have anywhere from an $11 billion – $18 billion deficit to deal with when the legislature comes back into session next year. There will no doubt be many lawmakers who will want to take the easy route by simply raising taxes, making it all the more important to have a governor who does not waffle and has made clear that any shortfall will be closed without higher taxes on hardworking Texas families and employers. Rick Perry is the only one who has made clear he will do such.

Perry is also proposing bold, fiscally responsible reforms on the spending side to ensure that the state lives within its means and continues to prosper by calling for a 2/3rds vote requirement to raise taxes and a cap that limits all state spending to the growth of population and inflation. These reforms will ensure that some politician who is open to job-killing taxes increases (like Bill White) does not come along years down the road and undo all that the Perry Administration has done to make Texas America’s economic powerhouse.

It’s because of Perry’s adherence to limited government principles and fiscal responsibility that Texas is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, is considered the best state to do business, and that the Lone Star State emerged from the recession well ahead of all other states.

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