The Lone Star State’s 2019 election results are in and an overwhelming majority, more than 77% of the electorate, voted to approved Proposition 4. By approving Proposition 4, Texans voted to amend the state constitution to include an income tax prohibition. 

Texas is one of nine states that does not levy a state income tax. Passage of Proposition 4 inserts a new taxpayer safeguard in the state constitution ensuring that future legislatures, no matter who is in charge, cannot easily impose an income tax on Texans. 

“I applaud Texas voters for putting an income tax prohibition in the state constitution,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Austin and DC progressives dream of turning Texas blue and will spend a great deal of money in 2020 and beyond attempting to do so. By approving Proposition 4, Texans have installed long-term protection against well-funded progressive plans to take over the state and ultimately impose a state income tax.”

This move by Texas voters comes five years after the passage of a similar constitutional amendment in Tennessee, another no-income-tax state, back in 2014. 

“The lack of an income tax has played a key role in making Texas a magnet for employers, jobs, and people,” added Norquist. “Passage of Proposition 4 ensures Texas will remain a no-income-tax state, no matter how many Californians move in.”